We stock a good selection of the Wilwood range of rotors. Rotors from Wilwood are available from 10" to 13.06" (250 to 332 mm) and from .75" to 1.38" thick (19 to 35 mm). Wilwood also have a very good selection of solid rotors for Speedway, Drag and Street applications. We have regular shipments from Wilwood and any part that is not a normal stock item can be indented in our next order.



    Aftermarket Replacement Rotors
    We are a distributor for DBA (Disc Brake Australia) disc brake rotors. These rotors are a high quality replacement rotor for OEM specifications, are QS9000 Certified and are available for most makes and models as standard applications. These are available in the DBA longlife, longlife slotted and longlife gold for most applications.




    NOW AVAILABLE – OUTLAW M16 CALIPERS are a 4 pot aluminium billet caliper as a direct replacement for the M16 Ford Caliper that is fitted to MK II Escorts; MK III to MK V Cortinas. This caliper features:
    - 38 mm (1 ½”) pistons
    - Billet construction
    - Anodised black
    - No cross over tube
    - Weight 4.5 lbs (2.04 kg) with pads – save 5 lb (2.27 kg) over stock per caliper.
    The caliper is available to suit either 12.5 mm disc or 21 mm disc. There are a good variety of pads available in the Wilwood Polymatrix and Performance Friction Carbon Metallic brands from street use through to full racing application..


    Wilwood Engineering have a very large range of calipers - both cast and billet. Most of our kits are based around the Dynalite II and Superlite IIA cast calipers. These calipers have proved very successful and durable in both street and racing applications. We can supply the billet series calipers at customer's request.


    Our business builds a huge amount of custom brake kits to suit a large variety of cars. We work with individual clients and businesses to provide the right type of brake system for the car and application - this is done to provide the client with the most cost effective system.

    Kits we have built include:


    Please contact us for information regarding a kit for your particular vehicle.
    Kit includes:
    Rotors 332 diameter x 32 mm thick curved vane with 5 face slots per side
    Aluminium adaptor hats 6061-T6 machined to suit (non-anodised)
    Wilwood 6 pot Billet Superlite calipers
    Brackets machined from mild steel plate
    Pads choice of:
    Polymatrix Q for street, show - low dust
    Polymatrix D for high performance street, good grip cold, reasonably temperature
    Polymatrix E for high performance street, good grip, higher temperature
    Adaptors supplied to fit caliper and take the 10 x 1mm pitch banjo bolt (Hoses not included)
    All mounting bolts, rotor bolts, caliper bolts included
    (The kit is a bolt on kit that can be fitted to the car with normal hand tools. The kits have not been designed for any specific rim. Will require minimum 17” to clear. Some 16” rims may fit)


    Featuring M16 Outlaw Calipers
    Les Hunter Racing Products rotors 248 mm diameter x 22 mm thick vented, top hat style that bolts direct to factory hub
    Good selection of Wilwood Polymatrix, Raybestos and PFC Carbon Metallic pads available to suit application
    Kits also fit MK III through MK V Cortina


    Performance Friction Corp - Carbon Metallic
    As used by top leading teams worldwide - INDY CARS, NASCARS, TRANZAMS
    'Z' compound: great HP street compound
    80 & 90 compound: Medium torque compound. Ideal for boosted cars & Rally/Club cars
    83 & 93 compound High torque compound. Great for non-boosted TraNZam, Touring Cars


    We stock Wilwood pads in the following compounds:
    Polymatrix T - Street / Dirt
    Polymatrix E - Street / Dirt
    Polymatrix D - High Performance Street / Asphalt Racing / Dirt
    Polymatrix C - Asphalt Racing - Circle and Road Racing
    Polymatrix B - Asphalt Racing - Circle and Road Racing plus Dirt
    Polymatrix A - Asphalt Racing - Circle Track and Road Racing
    (For more information on the Wilwood Pads use our link page to their website)
    These are generally available off-the-shelf for the Wilwood and Outlaw calipers.


    Braided Hoses & Fittings
    Off the shelf braided lines with -3 female ends - stocked in 15", 18" and 21" lengths.
    Custom braided hoses made to suit.
    OEM style rubber hoses available for custom applications.